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⤑ full name Josalyn Miriam Drake ⤑ also known as Jos ⤑ age & birth date 33 • 14/03/1984 ⤑ birthplace London, ENG ⤑ current location Allston, MA ⤑ occupation Private practise neurologist ⤑ relationship status Shot through the heart ⤑ pets Flynn & Marvel
Josalyn was born the only child of neuroscientist and surgeon parents, Gregory and Matilda. What they hadn't bargained for when Josalyn was born was being told that she wouldn't make it past age 4. Determined not to lose their only child, the husband and wife team worked alongside a select few scientists at the research facility outside London that they owned, to secretly concoct a serum that would save Josalyn's life. The serum worked and as Josalyn not only surpassed her 4th birthday but sailed on past it, her parents thought their secret would not have any kind of lasting effect on Josalyn's life except for simply saving it. To say they were wrong would've been an understatement, yet not something they would become to understand until Josalyn had made her way into school.

In her primary years, Josalyn excelled in her academics but not so much socially. She could understand and solve basically anything her teachers threw her way, yet any kind of physical contact would produce an odd reaction from the young girl, namely, she wouldn't react at all. Not when hit, not when hugged, it was simply as if she did not feel it. Her parents were notified and thus began another round of secret experiments to get to the bottom of things. Their findings led them to figuring out that Josalyn had a slightly compromised connection to the pain and pleasure receptors in her brain. Yet her IQ, well that was off the charts.

So began the years where Josalyn was watched closely by her parents, lest she get hurt. Academically though, she excelled beautifully, leaping past those her own age to be more on par with those several years her senior. What drew most of Josalyn's attention and curiosity throughtout her schooling were the sciences. She ended up declaring to her parents that she was going to be a neurologist one day with her own private practise. She stated rather precisely that she would eventually follow in their footsteps one day when the path she forged for herself was well travelled and she was onto the next adventure. So after flying through primary and secondary school, Josalyn ended up at Oxford where she received her MD and PhD in Neuroscience in an accelerated programme, leading her out into the "real world" at a much earlier age than most would be once finishing university.

What drew her Stateside roughly twelve years ago, she'd never be able to say. Though it began with time well spent in New York, for the most part. She loved the glamour and grit of NYC and all that it had to offer her and her twenty-something self. Career-wise, she knew what she wanted and where she wanted it to lead her, but personally she knew she had to take time for herself and explore what it meant to be just Josalyn instead of Dr. Drake. So she wandered around New York and there she met him, an older man that made her fall and fall hard. She had no sense of perspective on what a real relationship entailed and as soon as she was swept off her feet, she let herself twirl around in an almost fairytale state, but when things seem too good to be true, they normally are. Over a period of two years, the cracks started to show, the man she loved turned into the man she feared, ending in a threat on her life and her need to flee from New York as soon as she could, with nowhere else in mind to go right off. Until one day on the recommendation of an old professor, Josalyn found herself in Massachusetts where she decided to give herself a new lease on life. She found a comfortable place there with new friends and new possibilities. Finding a suitable building in Allston, she bought it up as quickly as she could, making no more excuses on why she shouldn't have the practise of hers she'd dreamed of just several blocks from the new split-level townhouse she'd purchased. Soon after, she ended up going on her first real date with her downstairs neighbor, though they were an awkward duo and ended up more friends than any sort of lovers. The male species slightly befuddled her, if she was honest. Friendships were easier, at least they had become that way over the years. She knew the loyalty and understanding of platonic and familiar relationships. Anything beyond that messed with her brain, giving way to doubts and anxieties that she couldn't handle. She didn't want it or need it, didn't care if she had it, except for deep down. That is where her feelings lay that constantly had her perplexed, yet she simply delved further into her work when those feelings became too much to bear.

So with love now the furthest thing from her mind and when Josalyn was in need of something beyond platonic affection, she ended up in a series of flings, one night stands and quiet coffee dates. Nothing ever went past that, even if a man ended up at her townhouse. They rarely ever found themselves staying the night, and if they did, it was more or less by accident. Josalyn knew what she wanted when it came to that: to gain pleasure and maybe a bit of intellectual stimulation and then be done with them. No one got in under her thick shell and she appreciated that consistency in her life, until recently. It would take a far tougher man to ever pull down the walls she'd carefully constructed around herself, not that she was looking to find him, even if she seemed to orbit around one or two in particular that intrigued that part of her mind and allowed her to wonder "What if?" With the changes that had been happening in her life the last several months, Josalyn was beginning to open herself up to bigger opportunities, to more of the spontaneous aspects of living and with more pride in herself, she was forging her path once more as a woman renewed in strength and spirit.

comic verse tie-ins
* Same initials
* Middle name = CV mother's
* Highly intelligent
* Sickly as a child
* Born in England
* Love of science

Jessica Drew is the daughter of Jonathan Drew, research partner to Dr. Herbert Edgar Wyndham. When young Jessica suffered uranium poisoning in 1931, Dr. Drew was forced to inject her with his untested spider serum and seal her in a genetic accelerator. In stasis for decades, her aging greatly slowed, she awoke with no memories of her own past. Briefly cared for by the Evolutionary's cow-woman assistant Bova, Jessica sought human company in a nearby village where she accidentally killed her first lover with her new bioelectric powers. Fleeing a vengeful mob, she was rescued by Count Otto Vermis, who molded her into the terrorist organization Hydra's newest assassin. As Arachne, she fought S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who revealed Vermis as a cold-blooded killer. Jessica returned to England where Modred the Mystic helped her shake off Hydra's brainwashing. She also allied with the sorcerer Magus, and earned the enmity of the powerful time-spanning sorceress Morgan Le Fay. Jessica eventually moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a bounty hunter alongside Scotty McDowell before Nick Fury helped her secure private investigator credentials. She lost her immunity power saving Giant-Man (Bill Foster) from radiation poisoning, and a battle with Morgan stranded Jessica on the astral plane until she was rescued by the Shroud, the Avengers and Doctor Strange. Later, Jessica and her friend, B-grade actress Lindsay McCabe, moved to Madripoor, where they often teamed with Wolverine. Jessica was drawn to New York when her powers were stolen by Doctor Octopus' Spider-Woman (Charlotte Witter). Following Charlotte's defeat at the hands of Mattie Franklin (herself a self-styled Spider-Woman), Jessica once more regained her uncanny abilities accepting an offer from Hydra while working as a double agent for Nick Fury. After seventeen months of procedures, she emerged more powerful than ever, now capable of fully flying (rather than just gliding on air currents). After serving with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Luke Cage as the Avengers formed in the aftermath of M-Day, Jessica left the team after the Superhuman Registration Act divided the heroes. She ultimately decided to ally herself with Captain America's anti-registration team, and is currently part of the unsanctioned Avengers. [SOURCE]

• Not so secret Spice Girls fan.
• "Guilty" pleasure is dancing naked.
• Sucker for dark chocolate & red wine.
• Babies weird her out.
• Has absolutely no filter, especially while drinking.
• Collects old comics, lake glass & portraits from the 18th & 19th centuries.
• Favourites include: 70s rock, red lipstick, combat boots, candy floss, green tea, libraries.